#SetApart Living in the Royal Priesthood

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You know those word association games people play where someone says a word and you are to blurt out the first thing that comes to your mind? They’re quite fun. It’s always so interesting to see the associations people make with certain words. Let’s pretend we’re playing that game. You say dog, I say woof. […]

#Obedience: But I Don’t Want To!

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Obedience is hard. Just ask my four-year-old. As the youngest of three girls, she has very definite ideas about what she does and does not want to do. Sometimes her plans mesh with mine and everything is just fine. All smiles and rainbows. I get, “Yes, Mama, I LOVE helping!” Other times, my unreasonable decrees […]

#Obedience: Spontaneous Obedience


A friend of mine is the definition of spontaneous. Literally. She’s been known to drive to the beach on a whim (a 5 hour drive by the way), throw clothes in the back seat of her car (seriously, she doesn’t own an actual suitcase), and either sleeps in her car for the night or “simply” […]