#Resolve to make no more New Year’s resolutions!


The history of celebrating New Year’s Day goes way back almost 3000 years ago beginning with the Babylonians but who can we blame for our tradition of making resolutions at the beginning of every year? This can be traced back almost 2000 years ago. I say “blame” because 2/3 of us break them in the […]

#Resolved: To Be Resolved


Warning ladies, major vulnerability ahead…but hey this is judgment free zone, right? Cool. Here it goes. I have a slight obsession with calendars, planners, organizers, anything of the sort. Take one step into my office and BAM you’re struck with not one….but four visible calendars. Notice I said visible, which may or may not mean […]

Sowing Seeds 36,000 Feet Above Ground

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I was on a plane returning from Christmas vacation and was 10 minutes into my first of two flights of the day. The sun was shining, and although it was cold, it was a pretty day without a cloud in the sky. However, 10 minutes into the two-hour flight we began to experience some turbulence. […]

#Resolved to Lose Sight


This year, I want to lose sight. I know you have to be thinking, “lose sight?” Who in their right might would make that their new year’s resolution? But this losing of sight that I am talking about may not be the same as the first thing that came to your mind. One thing I […]

The Sanctity of Human Life

Culture Watch Wednesday

Last Wednesday the world watched in horror as news reports began to emerge that terrorists walked in a meeting at a satirical French magazine office and shot dead 12 members of the staff. The magazine, known for its parodies of world leaders via cartoon, had offended others due to its content and they opted to […]