#RespectableSins: Control

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Several years ago I found a cute Mary Engelbreit magnet. The image, in Engelbreit’s traditional girly way, is of a girl with both hands on her hips, a clipboard in one hand, and above her head written, “I’m in charge here!” I bought the magnet, and it is been on my refrigerator ever since. While […]

#RespectableSins: Worry

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“You worry too much!” “Stop worrying!” “I’m just worried that…” “That worries me…” Have you found yourself saying some of these lines? Or have you been the ears which have heard these statements directed towards you? It’s definitely not easy being the recipient of a “call out” about worry. However, for some strange reason, it […]

#RespectableSins – Delaying Obedience

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Have you ever been in a service, conference, or meeting where you feel the speaker stole their notes from a page out of your journal? The message was so tailored to you, you wondered if your struggle was written in bold Sharpie on your forehead Recently, I attended a women’s conference at my church. God […]

Don’t miss the chance to Embrace Boston


Apply by Friday, May 1 to join Embrace Women’s Missions and Ministries on its biannual mission trip to Boston, scheduled for Sept. 10-13. By Gabrielle Diepenbrock, BSCNC Communications Despite experiencing the Great Awakening during early American history, New England is a place that has very little gospel witness today. In September, a team of women […]

#ReturnToHim: We Do Nothing For Everything


“You can’t get something for nothing.” Have you heard that phrase before? I like to think it hangs around those countryside parts where fields extend with cotton blossoms or corn or whatever crop might be growing. I take this familiar phrase to mean that we must work hard to get the yield we want. We […]