#Resolved: Not Allowing Worship to be Stolen


We are worshippers, are we not? God certainly created us to be. Psalm 66:4 puts it simply when it says, “All the earth worships you and sings praises to you; they sing praises to your name. Selah.” God, as we very well know, desires our worship because He is our Lord. But like many, I […]


#AdventLiving: PEACE


Where do I even begin in writing about that word? If I were forthright, consistent peace is something that I have to work at having in my life. I recently came across an acrostic for peace (I know cheesy – but helpful) that actually held a lot of wisdom in it. It read: Placing Each […]


Standing on the Promises of God: #GiveThanks


I think it is common for people to say that they believe in the promises of God as believers. I think conceptually we can understand this, but are these promises truly real to us? Do you embrace the truth of God’s promises every day? Let’s meditate on some of His promises:   God loves us […]


Making Idols out of Misters

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I think if we are honest, all of us at some point or another have put too much stock in human relationships. Why is this? As people, God created us to be worshipers – so whether it is a person or thing, there is temptation every day to replace God with idols. I can’t tell […]


Depression: The Signs and How to Help Your Friends

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Robin Williams recent death has brought up a lot of discussion about depression. As someone who became famous for making people laugh, it saddens me to think in Williams’ last moments life was so hopeless to him that he took his life. Many people are plagued by depression everyday. For some, this state of living […]