A Dose of Reality

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Reality television, that is. I am a bona-fide member of the Reality TV Junkie Club. If it’s on, I will watch it. I want to know who is dating whom; who is getting scammed on the Internet; the tricks of the trade for extreme couponing; what the housewives do on a daily basis; and how […]


#RespectableSins: Worry

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“You worry too much!” “Stop worrying!” “I’m just worried that…” “That worries me…” Have you found yourself saying some of these lines? Or have you been the ears which have heard these statements directed towards you? It’s definitely not easy being the recipient of a “call out” about worry. However, for some strange reason, it […]


#ReturnToHim: We Do Nothing For Everything


“You can’t get something for nothing.” Have you heard that phrase before? I like to think it hangs around those countryside parts where fields extend with cotton blossoms or corn or whatever crop might be growing. I take this familiar phrase to mean that we must work hard to get the yield we want. We […]


#WhatIf we were to live more boldly?

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Were you ever the girl cowering in the corner at the school dance hoping to get asked for a spin on the dance floor? Are you the one who gets thousands of knots in her stomach before an important speech for work or when simply teaching this week’s Sunday School lesson? And we all know […]


#Resolved New Year’s Resolutions with a New Perspective


In Christ I have all I need. Therefore every new year’s resolution that matters for life, meaning, joy, fulfillment, purpose, and value have already been paid for, and through the spirit in me are applied by grace not works.‪ New Year’s resolutions are all about making ourselves better. Losing more weight. Toning up. Volunteering more. […]