#Resolved New Year’s Resolutions with a New Perspective


In Christ I have all I need. Therefore every new year’s resolution that matters for life, meaning, joy, fulfillment, purpose, and value have already been paid for, and through the spirit in me are applied by grace not works.‪ New Year’s resolutions are all about making ourselves better. Losing more weight. Toning up. Volunteering more. […]


#AdventLiving: Love


If we’ve been blessed to have grown up in a church environment, we have known John 3:16 since we were born. We might’ve rattled it off while even rolling our eyes because the Bible drill teacher wanted to make certain we knew the verse. John 3:16 has, for me, always been the verse I could […]


Orange Construction Paper Pumpkins: #GiveThanks


I cannot believe November is already here. As soon as Halloween ends at midnight on October 31, it seems like everyone switches to full on holiday mode. I’m a part of that proud crowd. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays (though I should clarify that I say that every time a holiday rolls around). […]


All Pinned Up

Culture Watch Wednesday

If you’re crafty, a home décor extraordinaire, a baker, a traveler, a dog lover, a history buff, a book worm, a fashionista, or even a words person, there’s a pin somewhere out there to fit you exactly. And by pin I mean anything that can be tacked onto one of your many Pinterest boards. I […]


The Bachelor: Learning A Thing Or Two

Embrace Logo

I think it is safe to admit that I’m not the only one in America who watches The Bachelor or The Bachelorette or any dating show of the like. I know there are at least a million or so other ladies who curl up on their couch on a Monday night to watch “the most […]