Failure: Pulling a Monica

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So I have this friend named, Monica. She’s driven, responsible, and a notorious “neat-freak.” Monica always seems to have life together, however she has a very strained relationship with her mother. She’s constantly trying to vie for her mother’s attention and affirmation. Unfortunately, in most of her attempts at making her mom proud, something goes […]

Living In A Post-Christian World

Culture Watch Wednesday

Last Wednesday night I turned off the television disgusted and dismayed. A leader had just spoken and used all kinds of verbage to make certain that his speech was politically correct. He mentioned the killings of people from a certain religion in the Middle East while simultaneously side-stepping the mention of Christians that have been […]

The True Preparation


Around our offices we have been in a flurry of activity getting ready for fall. The Women’s Prayer and Evangelism Retreat was the weekend before last and this week we leave with a team of women for our third mission trip to New York City. While we have spent months planning, typing items for programs, […]