Happy Labor Day!

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Today many Americans are ceasing from their labors to enjoy Labor Day – or Labor-less Day! We are also enjoying a labor-less day from the blog, but will return this Wednesday with a Culture Watch Wednesday. Please enjoy your day as we enjoy ours!        

“Greater Things” Can Start in Your Own Neighborhood


“And he said to them, ‘Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.’” Mark 16:15. When Steve attended Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary back in the late 70’s, we looked forward to visiting family every chance we could. Our main route home was Highway 64 West. I remember clearly as if […]

What In the World: A Summertime Culture Watch Wrap-Up

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Today is the last Wednesday of August. This coming Monday is Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer. For many people, such as myself, we look forward to fall and its radiance of deep colors on trees in the form of leaves; pumpkins; cooler temps; and many traditions. And college football. However, we would […]

I Want to Be

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I don’t really like Bible trash – the old bulletins and slips of paper that find their way into the Bible and never depart. Well, for me they do depart. I throw them away. I don’t like the struggle of things falling out and gliding onto the floor. If I need to write a note […]