Critical: Of Self and Others

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Two periods of refinement I have experienced have been growing up as a missionary/preacher’s kid and being married. I have learned over and over about what it means to be self-critical and critical of others. To be painfully transparent, I have been guilty of being on both sides of the predicament. In middle and high […]

Have you heard about One Day?

One Day

Embrace is excited to be a part of the One Day Training on May 2 at Green Street Baptist Church in High Point. This is a day of training for all teachers, leaders, volunteers and church staff in 18 different ministry areas. The women’s ministry leadership track offered during One Day will provide women’s ministry […]

Why Celebrate President’s Day?

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In reading the book 1776 by David McCullough I have come to one conclusion: George Washington was dedicated to establishing the United States as a country three years before he was elected the first leader. Washington, who was the colonies’ military leader during the American Revolution, led while among the men. He sacrificed for his […]

All You Need is Love

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During the month of February, it doesn’t take long in a store like Target to see all the different things that you can purchase for Valentine’s Day for your special someone. Though it can be fulfilling to give things to those special people in our lives and show them how much we care for them […]

50 Shades of Wrong

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*Editor’s note: In light of the movie “50 Shades of Grey” releasing tomorrow, we are re-posting this blog post originally posted on August 12, 2014. I remember when the book 50 Shades of Grey hit shelves a couple of years ago. Booksellers had a hard time keeping copies in stock and it quickly rose to […]