Save the date for 2014!

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While the beginning of October often conjures up images of fall and upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, around here October means the last of our statewide ministry events for 2013 and the preparation of 2014 ministry opportunities for teenage girls and ladies. We are excited about the new year will hold, but are simultaneously grateful and humbled […]


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The years of 1775-1776 were difficult years in the origins of the United States. Patriots in Massachusetts, New York, New Hampshire, Virginia and other areas of the East Coast were trying to break free from England and the grips of King George III. Another George, with the last name Washington, was one of several leaders […]

To all the moms…thanks

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Happy Mother’s Day! Moms are important in the life of a child – whether that child is young or old. Moms nuture, care for, and engage their children. Moms sacrifice, love, and encourage their children. They are often a child’s first and longest cheerleader. They are meal-makers, homework helpers, and the ones who help us […]

Communication Breakdown

Culture Watch Wednesday

Have you ever walked toward someone, maybe on a sidewalk or in a store, more interested in their cell phone than avoiding a collision with you?  If you haven’t, then consider yourself lucky.  Pedestrian accidents are increasing, especially among teenagers, because people are texting and simply not paying attention to their surroundings.  This neglect of […]