What In the World: A Summertime Culture Watch Wrap-Up

Culture Watch

Today is the last Wednesday of August. This coming Monday is Labor Day and the unofficial end of summer. For many people, such as myself, we look forward to fall and its radiance of deep colors on trees in the form of leaves; pumpkins; cooler temps; and many traditions. And college football. However, we would […]

I Want to Be

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I don’t really like Bible trash – the old bulletins and slips of paper that find their way into the Bible and never depart. Well, for me they do depart. I throw them away. I don’t like the struggle of things falling out and gliding onto the floor. If I need to write a note […]

Fear: The god that cripples

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It’s an ugly 4-letter word, yet it plagues many of our lives. We would like to hide from it. We would like to flee. We would like for it to not have any sort of control over our lives. It depletes us. It has the ability to dilapidate. It causes despair. It paralyzes. It weakens […]

Empty Nest: Letting Your Children Go and Trusting God

Culture Watch

It is that time of year again. As we speak, college students are picking out their favorite prints at Target to hang in their new dorm rooms, packing their cars with late night study session snacks and furniture and saying those hard, but good “see you laters.” This is one of those times that for […]

Do you long to be a part of Greater Things?


A couple of weeks ago I was running on the treadmill at my apartment complex. Since using the treadmill very frequently every week since March, I have been able to get to know my neighbors in a living situation that usually forces people to keep to themselves. While I was running on one of the […]