Sgt. Mathis’ Lonely Hearts Club Band

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I will never forget my first seminary class. In August of 2001 my first class at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary was with Dr. Bob Mathis. He was not your conventional seminary professor. He could talk with ease and depth about the things of God, but just as easily about The Beatles, World War II and […]

What’s in your toolbox?

Culture Watch Wednesday

Riding with my parents on the way home from choir camp as a 5th grader, I thumbed through the cool, new, magazine-style Bible I had gotten. I landed on a quiz titled “Find Your Spiritual Gifts.” The quiz was about 10 questions long, unveiling your top spiritual gift down to your lowest spiritual gift. Can […]

Initiating the Conversation

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Think back…. When was the last time that you hung out with someone that was very different than you? Maybe that involves getting to know about another’s culture, language, religious, political or personal views. What about a family member with whom you bump heads? A co-worker or fellow church goer that has different interests than […]

#Resolved New Year’s Resolutions with a New Perspective


In Christ I have all I need. Therefore every new year’s resolution that matters for life, meaning, joy, fulfillment, purpose, and value have already been paid for, and through the spirit in me are applied by grace not works.‪ New Year’s resolutions are all about making ourselves better. Losing more weight. Toning up. Volunteering more. […]

Embrace and Flourish Equipping Day: Equipping Ministry Wives for Service


By Emily Rojas When Kathy Litton was just 19, she married a minister, experiencing firsthand the struggles and joys that come with being a minister’s wife. Now the national consultant for the North American Mission Board’s (NAMB) Ministry to Pastors’ Wives, Litton will be speaking at Equipping Day on Saturday, March 28, an event to […]