Leading Ladies: Lessons from the life of Deborah

Leading Ladies

When we hear the label “leading ladies” we often think of famous women in Hollywood, but perhaps women leaders do more than make million dollar movies.  Today Worthy of the Calling begins a new blog series exploring the leadership characteristics displayed by leading ladies in God’s Word.  We pray these blogs encourage and challenge you […]

Musings of a female disciple-maker

Culture Watch

To sit here and write on our identity in Christ as women is something that resonates so deeply within me. It has been something I have honestly wrestled with as someone previously single and now a married woman. But apart from dealing with this issue in the context of a romantic relationship, it is also […]

Say What? Communicating well with our brothers in Christ

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Have you ever communicated a specific idea only to discover that your listener heard something totally different?  I know I have! One of my favorite memories from my time in East Asia is our team’s first meal at a dumpling restaurant.  We had been told beforehand by an American friend that one serving consisted of […]

Thirty seconds and one week

Embrace Leadership Training

Embrace Leadership Training is April 11-12, 2014, at Southeastern Seminary and the registration deadline is March 28. Sign-up today! More information at www.ncbaptist.org/elt [jwplayer mediaid="2031"]

Why can’t we commit?

Culture Watch Wednesday

Today I missed two meetings.  I had committed to them; they were written on my desk calendar and entered into my Google account, but somehow I totally forgot about them.  As a result, I squandered the opportunity to help a colleague stuff envelopes and missed a chance to learn how to use the new sound […]