The Mentor and the Mentee

Joyce Mott

When I was an eighteen-year-old college sophomore at The University of Texas at Austin, I desperately desired for someone to teach me about God and how to live the Christian life. I had been a Christian since I was eleven years old, but no one had ever sat me down and taught me directly from God’s Word. […]

The Best Leadership Books I Ever Read

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Often I am asked, “What are some good resources on leadership?” While the market is filled with books, magazines, websites, blogs, and a host of other resources focused on leadership, today we will highlight five of the best books on leadership that I would recommend to others. I love to read and firmly believe that […]

Lessons on Leadership: From Moses

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There are so many people in Scripture that God placed in roles of leadership. Jesus, Paul, Peter, David, and many others, are some that we will cover in the lessons on leadership series. One of my favorite leaders in Scripture is Moses. Moses. The one drawn from water by Pharoah’s daughter, raised in Pharoah’s household, […]

Finding the Common Grounds

Generations Panel - Fairview

Women are all about relationships, but with our busy lives it can be difficult to find time to actually connect with one another. Our Embrace Women’s Ministry at Fairview Baptist Church in Apex decided to be intentional in helping our women get to know each other and connect across the generations. To make this happen, […]

Leadership Characteristics: What are they?

A Great Leader: Esther Burroughs

*This is the first post in an ongoing series examining characteristics of leaders. One of the most debated topics regarding leadership is the characteristics or qualities that a leader must possess in order to actually be a leader. While this series of posts will not be the words that put that debate to rest, it […]