A Tarheel in Ukraine

Culture Watch Wednesday

Stories about political upheaval in Ukraine have bombarded our news outlets and home pages over the last few months.  When we see barricades made from old tires or injured protestors running down the street, somehow it is easy to disconnect.  Things like that never happen in America, and we struggle to relate. We often forget […]

A Q & A with Carolyn O’Neal

Carolyn O'Neal

During the weekend of April 11-12, Embrace is delighted to welcome Carolyn O’Neal as the guest speaker for the 2014 Embrace Leadership Training. Carolyn has served as the women’s ministry director at Houston’s First Baptist Church for the last 19 years – nine of those as a volunteer and ten of those years as a […]

Conflicted During Conflict

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Conflict. Even the mere mention of the word brings emotion and makes me conflicted with thoughts. Most ladies don’t enjoy conflict. Don’t get me wrong – there are those who do enjoy conflict. They can stir a pot and keep things catty. There are numerous (NUMEROUS) shows on television that display women who enjoy conflict […]

What does Lent have to do with me?

Culture Watch Wednesday

As a child I never heard people talk about Lent – except maybe when Mom instructed me to clean the fuzz out of the clothes dryer. (“Lint” and “Lent” are two very different things, but they sure do sound the same down here in the South, especially to a third grader.) As I grew older, […]

Serving As Designed

Embrace Leadership Training

Ah, the first work day of March. March is always a reminder that spring is on the way (please, Lord, let spring and warmer temps and NO MORE SNOW be on the way). This time of year brings to mind images of the sun, flowers blooming, and a thin blanket of yellow pollen covering everything […]