Saying farewell and hello to the college bound


Over the last week I have watched the status updates of several of my Facebook friends update to “Leaving for (insert college town here)! Can’t wait to see friends and have the most AMAZING semester ever!!! It’s going to be INCREDIBLE! Go (insert collegiate mascot here)! or (Hook, sic, gig, wreck) ‘em (Horns, bears, aggies […]

Setting the Plumb Line


I remember once sitting down with a women’s ministry leadership team and discussing strategy with these ladies. They were trying to plan and strategize for the upcoming ministry year. In my discussions with them, I soon realized that they weren’t all on the same page. I then went around the table and asked them each […]

What are your stones?

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In the guest bedroom of my apartment I have five large photo boxes neatly stacked in between the chest of drawers and the bookcases. Each of those photo boxes is filled with cards, letters and notes that I have kept since I was a freshman in college. On one of the shelves in my office […]

How are you kicking off your women’s ministry for the Fall?

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The beginning of August often sounds the alarm for the end of summer. School supplies begin appearing at the local stores; families are thinking about “one last” trip to the beach before school starts; and everyone looks forward to cooler temperatures as fall is just around the corner. Personally, I look forward to college football […]

Staying Focused

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Like many Americans, I’m exhausted. Not because of anything other than staying up until the wee hours of the morning to watch our fellow Americans compete for Olympic gold during 2012 Summer Games. In Games that have been filled with upsets and surprises, I was reminded through men’s cycling the importance of staying focused. While […]